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Container Fumigation

What should the specifications of the fumigation container be?

Containers used for transportation and export purposes are manufactured in many different sizes and features according to their intended use. The preference of the containers to which the Container Fumigation application will be made according to these characteristics is one of the most important criteria that will increase the success of the application. DC Containers (Dry Containers) are generally preferred for transportation and fumigation. Generally, they are listed as follows according to the dimensions of dry food and cargo.

20'DC Fumigation Container
It is one of the most commonly used container types. Gas tightness should be checked before the fumigation process to be carried out in this container made of steel material.

20'DC Container Dimensions
Width: 2.35 m
Length: 5.90 m
Height: 2.37 m
Volume: 33 cubic meters

40'DC Fumigation Container
40'DC containers, which are approximately 6 m longer than 20'DC containers, are made of steel material. Gas tightness of 40'DC containers with larger area by volume should be checked before fumigation.

40'DC Container Dimensions
Width: 2.35 m
Length: 11.98 m
Height: 2.35 m
Volume: 66 cubic meters

40'HQ Fumigation Container
40'HQ containers are the same width and length as 40'DC containers. The only difference between them is due to the height difference in the HQ containers. These containers, which are sometimes mixed with 40'DC in the fumigation process, may cause incomplete results from the fumigation process to be made due to the volume difference.

40'HQ Container Sizes
Width: 2.35 m
Length: 11.98 m
Height: 2.69 m
Volume: 76 cubic meters

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