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Pestex Fumigation

As Pestex Fumigation; With the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years; We provide reliable services in high hygiene standards in the fields of fumigation, gas measurement and lashing.

In all of our services, we work closely with the technology in order to produce international fumigation standards to our customers' problems professional approach and affordable solutions.

As Pestex Fumigation service, we reach our appointments on time, inform our valued customers, and realize our 100% guaranteed fumigation application.

To protect yourself from pests, insects and bacteria that are thought to be harmful, you can contact us for detailed information and to make an appointment.

Fumigation Service Vehicle

Istanbul Governor's Office of Provincial Health; BIOCIDAL Product Application Authorization
TOB, Istanbul Agricultural Quarantine Directorate; AGRICULTURAL FUMIGATION License
Kadıköy Municipality; Business and Work License
Turkish Standardization Institute; TSE SERVICE QUALIFICATION Certificate

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Importance of Insulation in Fumigation

In fumigations using phosphine; Keeping a certain level of concentration in the environment for certain periods is the most important rule for success. In fumigation with phosphine, the application time is more important than the concentration in ter

What is a fumigant?

Fumigant are gaseous pesticides used to destroy insects, nematodes and other pests that damage crops, seeds, plant stocks, stored products in agricultural areas.

Advantages of Fumigation and Considerations

It can be applied directly to the product. When the techniques complying with the standards are used, it does not leave any residue and odor on the product.

What is Fumigation

What is fumigation, how is it done, what should be considered?

Pestex Fumigation
Frequently asked Questions

  • How is the fumigation process done?
    Fumigation usually includes the following stages: First, the area intended for fumigation is completely covered to create a closed environment. Then, the fumigant is left on the area to be fumigated. The fumigant gas filters through the gap and kills any invader in the area.
  • What is fumigation application?
    Fumigation is a pest control method that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides or fumigants to suffocate or poison pests inside an enclosed area. It inhibits and affects pests and harmful insects that damage the physical structure such as dry wood termites.
  • What is fumigation?
    Fumigation is a method of protection from pests. Pests, insects and bacteria that are thought to be harmful are suffocated by giving gaseous chemicals (fumigant) in a closed environment. The fumigant is then released into the area to be fumigated.
  • What is fumigation certificate?
    It is one of the necessary documents in export customs clearance. It is the document showing that the container reserved for the exporting company has been sprayed together with the cargo and pallets being filled.
  • Why is fumigation done?
    Fumigation is applied to purify all kinds of plant and animal origin products and other materials from harmful factors, to prevent the destruction of these factors and product loss and to provide a healthy product.
  • Where is fumigation used?
    Fumigation is the process of destroying harmful insects, pests and organisms in agricultural food products with various gases. It is a chain of operations with an international standard applied in areas such as warehouses, silos, warehouses, containers and warehouses where foods and products are stored and transported.

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